Ignite your imagination, inspire curiosity, learn and provoke new ways of thinking about the universe we live in with a Guided tour  at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe. The guided tours of our Exhibition Spaces are facilitated to encourage students and members of the General Public to further understand the concepts behind our exhibitions and to broaden their  knowledge regarding the visual arts. The tours provide information on our cultural history and contemporary heritage. People get to share information and interact with artworks that are in the Gallery. Guides, docents and attendants make the exhibition experience enriched through the provision of information that may aid the viewer concerning the background and philosophy a particular artists may have. Guided tours may be pre-booked via the Department of Education  and Public Programming by contacting the Education Officer on 704666/7 Ext 30. Booking forms are also available in the Education and Public Programmes newsletters accessible on the Gallery website quarterly.

  •  Pre- booked guided tours to be arranged between the institute / school and the Education Department
  •  Groups who have not booked may request for a guided tour if the Education Officer is available. ON OFFER:
  •    A guide through artworks displayed in the  currently running exhibitions. This will be done through a visual exercises to encourage  the viewer/ visitor to interact with the work on display.
  • Walkabouts with artists which can be arranged through email booking are also available. These are done to facilitate interaction between the actual artist with works on display and public.

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